Reward in Barzakh

The great and pious jurist, Marhoom Shaikh Jawad b. Shaikh Mashkoor, was a leading jurist of Najaf who died at the age of 90 years in 1337 A.H. He is buried next to his father in a room in the blessed courtyard of the grave of Ameerul Momineen (a.s.).

This great scholar dreamt in the night of 26 Safar 1332 A.H in which he saw Hazrat Izraeel – the angel of death (a.s.). He did salaam to the angel of death and asked him from where he was coming. The angel of death replied ‘I am coming from Shiraz after having seized the soul (Ruh) of Mirza Ibrahim Mehlaaki.’ Shaikh asked him ‘In what condition is his soul in Barzakh?’

The angel of death replied ‘He is residing in the most beautiful garden and is in the best of the conditions. Allah has appointed 1,000 angels at his beck and call.’

The Shaikh asked him ‘For which action has he received such a great reward – for his high level of knowledge? Or for the large number of students he had trained?’ The angel of death replied, ‘For none of these reasons’. Shaikh asked, ‘Then for leading the congregational prayers and explaining the religious laws to the people?’ The angel of death replied in the negative.

So the Shaikh asked, ‘Then on what basis did he receive such a great position?’ The angel of death said ‘For reciting Ziyarate Ashurah.’

Mirza Mehlaaki recited Ziyarate Ashurah regularly in the last 30 years of his life. And if due to an illness or any other reason, he was unable to recite the Ziyarat, then he would appoint a representative to recite the Ziyaarat on his behalf.’

The next morning, Shaikh Jawad went to Ayatullah Mirza Mohammed Taqi Shirazi and narrated his dream. On hearing this, Ayatullah Mirza Mohammed Taqi began weeping. When people asked him the reason of his grief, he replied ‘Mirza Ibrahim Mehlaaki was a pillar of jurisprudence and he has departed from the world.’ People said ‘But this news was only a dream, while we don’t know the fact as yet.’ Ayatullah Mirza Taqi replied, ‘This was not the dream of an ordinary individual, it was the dream of Shaikh Jawad.’ The very next day there was letter informing the residents of Najaf about Mirza Ibrahim Mehlaaki’s demise. In this way, the veracity of Shaikh Jawad’s dream proved to be true. Subsequently many scholars learnt of this incident from the late Ayatullah Syed Abdul Hadi Shirazi who in turn had personally heard about it from Shaikh Jawad.
(Ref: Ziyaarate Aashoora by Nasir Rasti Lahejaani, p. 27)


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