A Means to Acquire Love for Imam (as)

Ayatullah Najafi Kochani relates, ‘I was completely mesmerized by Ziarate Ashoora from my past two experiences in Isfahan. My level of dependence and conviction had multiplied manifold. Thus when I entered the venerated city of Najaf, I began reciting the Ziarat from the very first Friday.

My only desire was to see the Zuhoor of Imam (may our lives be sacrificed for him) and attain martyrdom under his upright and equitable rule. Since both these desires were very close to my heart, I abstained from all vain things. For a period of forty Fridays in a year, I used to recite this Ziarat while at home or away. I thank Allah for my attachment and devotion towards Imam (a.s.). Allah is witness that my heart is overwhelmed with love for my Imam (a.s.) , and from Allah alone I implore taufeeq for Imam (a.s.)’s servitude.


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