Recitation of Ziarat on behalf of Vali-e-Asr

The author of ‘Abqariyyul Hisan’ Shaykh Ali Akbar Nahavandi, has recorded about ‘Sayyed Ahmed who sent him one of his works in which he mentions an incident. The latter writes, ‘I was seated in one corner of Masjide Sehla. Suddenly, a Sayyed entered the room wearing a turban (amamah) and a black cloak (aba)…

He looked all around and then he walked towards me. He remarked, ‘Since you recite Ziarate Ashoora every morning for Imame Zamana (a.s.), collect your monthly expenses from me, so that you don’t have to depend on anyone.’ The he gave me some money and said, ‘This should suffice you for this month.’ He left after that. In his presence, I was completely baffled. I felt as if my feet were stuck to the earth. I found myself tongue-tied and despite my best efforts could not speak anything. And this was my state until he left. Afterwards, I started looking for him all over but could not find him.’


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