The most beneficial action for the Hereafter

 Shaykh Muhammad Hussain Ansari, was the son-in-law of the renowned Mujtahid, Shaykh Ansari. The former had many sons, one among them, i.e. Shaykh Murtaza was more popularly known as ‘Aqa-e-Shaykh Buzurg’ (The Great Shaykh). The latter was among the more learned scholars of Najaf.

 Shaykh Murtaza was born in 1289 A.H., and expired at the age of 33 years after being fatally bitten by a snake.

Shaykh Murtaza (r.a.) used to regularly recite Ziarate Ashoora every morning and late afternoon (Asr). After his demise, a person saw him in a dream, and inquired from him, ‘Which action has benefited you the most?’ Shaykh (r.a.), replied thrice, ‘Ziarate Ashoora.’ (Zindagaani, Shaksiyyate Shaykh Ansari, old edition page 330, new edition page 327)
(Ref: The Miracle of Ziyrat e Ashura)


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