Narration of Ibn Qulawayh Al-Qummi about the ziyarat of the day of ‘Ashura’ in his book Kamil al-Ziyarat – Part II ( Reliability of the Narrators)

The Tradition :

Imam Abu Ja’far al-Baqir (a.s.) who said: ” Whoever visits (the grave of) al-Husayn bin ‘Ali (a.s.) on the day of ‘Ashura’ and persists in weeping at his grave, then Allah the Glorified and Exalted will present him on the Day of Judgment, with the reward of two thousand major pilgrimages…” ( Ref : Kamil al-Ziyarat )

The above tradition has been narated  by 6 narrators namely

(1) Hakim bin Dawud bin Hakim (2) Muhammad bin Musa al-Hamadani  (3) Muhammad bin Khalid al-Tayalisi (4) Sayf bin ‘Umayra (5) Salih bin ‘Uqba (6) ‘Alqama bin Muhammad al-Hadhrami

Study of the chain of Narrators :

1) Hakim bin Dawud bin Hakim: He is one of the teachers of Ibn Qawlawayhi and Ibn Qawlawayhi has authenticated his (Hakim bin Dawud bin Hakim) teachers en masse in the beginning of his book where he says; “He (Hakim bin Dawud bin Hakim) does not mention anything in his book except that which he has come across from authentic sources.”

And Ibn Qawlawayhi narrates from him in Kamil al-Ziyarat in the second chapter, hadith number eleven, and in the fifty fourth chapter, third hadith[1] in addition to the seventy first chapter, hadith number nine.

2) Muhammad bin Musa al-Hamadani: Najashi mentions him as follows: “Muhammad bin Musa bin ‘Isa, Abu Ja’far al-Hamadani al-Saman.”

Muhammad bin Yahya al-’Attar al-Qummi narrates from him (i.e. from Muhammad bin Musa al-Hamadani). This is proven from the path of transmission of Najashi to Muhammad bin Musa bin ‘Isa bin al-Hamadani’s book, where Najashi says; “Ibn Shadhan informed us, from Ahmed bin Muhammad bin Yahya, from his father, from him (Muhammad bin Musa bin ‘Isa bin al-Hamadani), from his book.

3) Muhammad bin Khalid al-Tayalisi: His biography has been mentioned in the course of the study of the third chain of Shaykh Tusi and evidences prove him being acceptable in his narrations.

 4) Sayf bin ‘Umayra: It has been mentioned that he is reliable without doubt.

5) Salih bin Uqba: His biography has been mentioned during the course of the study of the first chain of Shaykh Tusi. He was an Imami and praiseworthy in a general sense.

6) ‘Alqama bin Muhammad al-Hadhrami: His biography has been presented during the course of the study of the Shaykh Tusi about him. And we said that the evidences prove that he was trustworthy.


[1] Qamus al-Rijal, Vol 3, number, 2385.


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