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Recitation of Ziarat on behalf of Vali-e-Asr

The author of ‘Abqariyyul Hisan’ Shaykh Ali Akbar Nahavandi, has recorded about ‘Sayyed Ahmed who sent him one of his works in which he mentions an incident. The latter writes, ‘I was seated in one corner of Masjide Sehla. Suddenly, a Sayyed entered the room wearing a turban (amamah) and a black cloak (aba)…



A Means to Acquire Love for Imam (as)

Ayatullah Najafi Kochani relates, ‘I was completely mesmerized by Ziarate Ashoora from my past two experiences in Isfahan. My level of dependence and conviction had multiplied manifold. Thus when I entered the venerated city of Najaf, I began reciting the Ziarat from the very first Friday.


Advice from Imam Mahdi to recite Ziyarate’ Ashurah

In his masterpiece, Mafaateeh al-Jenan, the pillar of traditionalists, Shaikh Abbas Qummi (r.a) has mentioned an incident from his teacher, Janab Mirza Husain Tabarsi (r.a) – famous as Mohaddis Noori (r.a). We will not narrate the entire incident but mention only that portion where Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.) has emphasized the regular recitation of Ziyaarate Aashoora .

This incident pertains to Janab Syed Ahmed bin Syed Hashim bin Syed Hasan Musawi Rashty. He was a trader from the city of Rasht. He says ‘I left the city of Rasht with the intention of going for Haj and came to the house of Haji Safarali Tabrezi. I was a little worried as there was no caravan scheduled for Haj at that time. When I saw that another friend Haji Jehad Jaludar Isfehani has packed his luggage and is all set to leave for Haj, I too decided to leave with him and hired a mount for the journey ……’